Jardinière Studios
 ART Studio
Jaynè Childs - Professional Artist
J. Childs is a multimedium/media artist. Building on a career of journeyman trades as an interior finisher, Childs has manipulated a vast array of materials. Studio studies in rigid metals, engraving and embossing,  was one of her first portfolios, studying with master Sharon Shuster Anhorn at one of Atelier Estate's Workshops. Marbling was mastered with a portfolio of fantasy creations. Large steel sculptures as  public art projects,  created for  communities; one as a Sask Art Smart Project in 2005 with the Maryfield school and community, Village Flowers. Watercolour portraits of Curling Champions is an ongoing portfolio that is a skill set that will pursue for many years to master.  Resurrecting the sun worn steel flower bouquets of the Village Flowers, as a new collection that when restored and freshly painted will be mounted on Stewart's Garage as the Village Flowers Garden Project. Good Thoughts is newest portfolio.

A Unique Environment

Atelier was built as 8 bed union hospital and it is Jaynè and her husbands home for 20 years end of August and
has been the largest project in her portfolio. A work in progress has filled most of those years at least
in one or more parts of this unique building, on an ongoing bases. The building is large and
expansive but warm and inviting and filled with many collections of both Childs.  

Atelier Estate

Residence, Gallery, Gardens and Jardinière Studios
Over the twenty years the Childs pair have transformed Atelier into a beautiful residence covering the top floor of the Manor. The ground floor has a collection of studios, workshops including the original kitchen of the hospital. Please click photo to visit Atelier's website.